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Reviews for Schimke Chiropractic

Dr. Schimke was amazing! She took the time to personally call me to get to know me and my needs! When we went to her office, she was very patient with me (and my kiddos). I’m thrilled to have a new chiropractor that understands me! ~ Gretchen B.

You all are extremely nice and very knowledgeable. I felt comfortable and at ease right away. They listened and then explained their process, which makes me feel secure in anything they were planning my pain! ~ Fabian J.

I was very pleased with the doctor. She showed me exactly what was going on using a model of the spine. She talked to me during the procedures so I knew what was going to happen. She gave me hope that she could help me. The doctor was very personable and friendly. I liked her immediately. ~ Deb. R

“Wish I had come before now. Knowing that you are experienced with nutrition and Celiacs, made us a perfect match. Thank you for taking my pain away!” – Teresa

I am very grateful that my massage therapist referred me to Dr. Schimke! I appreciate her genuine care, concern and listening skills. The office has a very welcoming atmosphere and I actually look forward to my visits! ~ Tammy R.